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Est. 2018, we have changed the South African cannabis seedbank game, with our in-house bred feminised and auto seeds, epic selection and bringing South Africans the best international cannabis genetics at a fraction of the cost of other seed banks.  Everyone should be able to experience lekke weed without having to break the piggy bank.

Cannabis Seeds For Sale

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Save big with up to 50% off on some of our prized cannabis seeds. If you find seeds cheaper anywhere else, you should definitely buy them, then let them know that they have made a mistake on their website.

The types marijuana seeds for sale

There are 4 main categories of marijuana seeds that you will find it SA and luckily for you we stock and breed all of them – feminised, autoflowing, CBD and regular seeds and CBD seeds. Each category has their pros and cons though it all comes down to your level of experience and needs out of a cannabis plant. You can quickly access all our seeds below.

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Cannabis, dagga, devil’s lettuce (Our favorite – because its funny, not because we are evil) or zol is actually quite a commodity in South Africa. Not just for smoking and having a jol, but also for medicinal purposes and helping people and animals. The best way to enjoy fresh sticky marijuana is to grow your own plants from healthy, premium cannabis seeds. 5 years ago, you would have had to import and hope the post office okes didn’t check your “DVD case”, but times and the law have changed and we make that a reality for South Africans – Knowing what you are growing and that you are growing the best, before you put funny things your body. That’s what we offer at Cannibist.

Why Grow Your Own Cannabis in South Africa

Legal Benefits

You don’t want to make the mistake of buying from some dodge dealer, which can get you in hot water. It is legal in South Africa to grow your own cannabis for personal use, but it is still illegal to buy it from an unauthorized vendor. Growing will keep you safe as long as you only grow for personal use.

Control Quality

When you grow your own plants, you have complete control of the end result. You know how the plants were tended to every day, so you know for yourself how great the plants will be. You can create the plants in the style you prefer and in the conditions that you prefer.

Learn a New Skill

Botany and horticulture are valuable skills. Learning how to grow your own cannabis will teach you a new skill. Eventually, this skill can help you create the best plants in your area. Eventually, you may even be able to transfer that knowledge to growing other plants as well.

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Why Choose Cannabist

Wide Range of Options

We at Cannabist have one of the most diverse and impressive seeds available. There are locally bred seeds, international seeds, feminized seeds, CBD seeds, and auto flowering seeds. Here are some of the top seeds available in each category:

Locally Bred Seeds

Locally bred seeds are exactly like they sound. They are developed locally in South Africa. Many people prefer local seeds to boost the local economy. Plus, you know local seeds are specifically designed to be successful in the local climate.

International Seeds

International seeds are seeds that are developed in foreign countries. While local seeds are great, sometimes you want to try something completely different. The exotic, international flavors can provide something new.

Feminised Seeds

Plants naturally create both male and female seeds, but the female seeds are the ones that produce buds. Feminized seeds offer a 99% chance of being female. This means more buds and more harvest.

Autoflowing Seeds

Auto flowering seeds are seeds that don’t require as much care as regular seeds. You won’t need to work so hard, and the plants will start to bud earlier. These seeds don’t give you the opportunity to create the most nuanced results.

CBD Seeds

CBD is very similar to THC, but it does not provide the same psychedelic properties. CBD can provide health benefits without the high.

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There are so many options to choose from, all you need to do is pick the right cannabis seeds for you.


When you buy seeds from Cannabist, you can trust that your seeds will be delivered on time. Buying cannabis seeds online is secure and safe, and you know you are buying from a reputable company. We take the time to provide the best product possible with jut as good customer service.

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Tips For Growing Cannabis Seeds

Growing marijuana is easy, but it can be intimidating for first-time growers.  Luckily, Cannabist offers free seed offerings for first time growers. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your purchase.

Do Your Research

Growing cannabis is a process, and it requires hard work. It also requires know-how. First and foremost, you need to do your research. You need to learn about the different types of seeds and how to best grow the desired seeds. You need to learn the best climate for the seeds you want and the best soil for growing marijuana. Then you need to learn about the best growing practices. The more you learn, the better product you will produce. Knowing these things in advance will prevent you from making devastating and possibly expensive mistakes.

Provide Adequate Conditions

You need to start yourself on the right foot. This means providing the exact perfect conditions for your seeds. If possible, the best option is to build a temperature-controlled greenhouse. This will give you more control than if you rely on the weather outside. A proper greenhouse will also give you control over things like humidity and soil.

Dedicate Yourself

Most importantly, you need to dedicate yourself to the process. Growing cannabis in South Africa can be a daunting task. However, it’s well worth it if you put in the work. It’s important to be realistic about the amount of time you can put into your plants. Some seeds will require more effort than others. Pick a seed that firs your lifestyle. Continue to put in the effort regularly and have patience. It will take months for you to see your hard work become fruitful. Just keep at it.

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Cannabist has the best cannabis seeds in South Africa. South Africa is somewhat known for its lax behavior when it comes to marijuana laws. However, you need to take the proper precautions. Always be safe when driving and buy from a trustworthy source. However, it’s best to grow your own if you can. Buy your seeds and watch your own personal garden grow.

How to germinate cannabis seeds: Tried and tested method

We have tested just about every method to germinate cannabis seeds and always have the best results with the cotton pad method. There are a few critical things you need to pay attention to when using this method, other than that it is pretty strait forward.

Use make-up pads, nothing else

Don’t use roller/paper towel, tissues or toilet paper, only use make-up cotton pad as they retains the right level of moisture and allow air for the roots.

Don’t use too much water, or your seeds with drown

Each pad only need 3-5 short sprays from a misting bottle to moisten them. Cannabis seeds need both moisture and air. If the pads are too wet, the roots will be submerged in water when they sprout and wont be able to breath. They will rot and die, a brown color on the tip of the root is a tell tail sign that there is too much water.

Keep the moisture locked in, or your seeds will dry up and die!

If you wet the pads and leave them out and exposed, they will dry out. Place the cotton pads with the seeds in sealable tupperware or a plate that you can wrap in cling film / cling wrap to lock in he moisture.

Seeds germinate better when warm

Cannabis seeds have the highest germination success rate right around the sweet spot of 26°C. They can still germinate at other temperatures though drastically decline below 21°C and above 30°C. What we find works best is just pop them on top of your fridge, near the back which gives off a bit of heat to keep them nice and warm.

Be patient

The less you fiddle, the better. Most seeds should germinate between 2-3 days but can take up to even 10 days. Sometimes the seed’s shell can be quite hard and water struggles to pernitrate the shell, if your seeds haven’t germinated, you can place them in a shot glass of water for 24 hours and attempt the cotton pad method again.

Here are some detailed guides by Dutch Passion – a world renowned seedbank.