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Cannabis Seeds in South Africa

One of, if not the most most important factors of cannabis seeds is genetics – to grow the best weed, you need really amazing genetics. This is the Cannabist mission, to bring South Africans international award-winning cannabis seeds, sourced from only the best international breeders at affordable prices.

Marijuana genetics are classified as either indica or sativa strains. Indica strains produce plants that are normally used in the production of medical marijuana because they have low THC but are high in CBD. Sativa strains produce plants that contain high THC and low CBD and are also used in the production of medical cannabis. If you are new to growing cannabis, we have great information on each page to help you get a better idea and make the right choice according to your needs, so shop around the site and if you still need some help, feel free to reach out to us on our contact us page.

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