What is the difference between male and female marijuana seeds?

The marijuana plant or cannabis plant is an hermaphroditic plant. This means that there are male and female plants. The female plant has flowers and resin and is used for the cultivation of marijuana. The male plant only produces pollen, which has no further application.

A male plant can fertilize a female plant so a female plant will produce seeds. The result of the production of seeds by the female plant is that energy is lost and this results in a smaller harvest. For this reason male plants are not used and removed. Therefore we only sell female seeds.

How to tell if I have great quality marijuana seeds?

If you are buying from us or someone else, try as much as possible to familiarize yourself with what and how a good and healthy cannabis seed looks like. Healthy and fully-developed marijuana seeds are dark brown in complexion, stripped with lighter patterned shades or stripes (A.k.a tiger stripes). Avoid pale green or white seeds as these are most probably seeds that aren’t mature or healthy and probably will not germinate, nor produce a healthy marijuana plant.

You can also test if seeds are healthy and mature by trying to pinch or roll them between your fingers. If they crush super easy, they are no good. This will normally be the case with white coloured seeds.

Do seeds come in original breeder packaging?

Yes, we do not open breeder packaging.

How many seeds come in a pack?

If the seed strain has the “select option” dropdown, each option will specify how many seeds are in the pack. If there is no “select option”, the number of seeds will be specified next to the strain name in the title of the page.

When we purchase seeds from our suppliers, sometimes breeders run promotions and you might get some extra seeds in a pack. Sometimes it will specify this on the pack or it might not. If it does not, don’t be alarmed as we never open the breeder packaging hence you are receiving the number of seeds as the breeder intended.

Can I grow a male myself?

Yes, you can grow a male marijuana plant yourself if you start with regular seed. Regular seed are seeds that are not feminized.

Do you also sell male or regular seeds?

Because there is very little demand for regular or male marijuana seeds, we do not sell male seeds anymore. We only sell feminized seeds that develop into female marijuana plants.

Why do you first need to germinate your seeds?

The best result is reached by first germinating the seeds. This is better because when you let the seeds start in a controlled environment, it increases the chance that the seeds germinate well. When you directly put the seeds in the ground without germinating them first, there is a high chance a part of the seeds will not come up.

Storing Weed Seeds – How is That Done?

If you don’t intend to use your weed seeds immediately it’s important to store them properly. If you fail to do so, they will lose their germinability and become unusable. It is therefore vital that you store weed seeds properly if you want to cultivate nice plants later. You should store weed seeds in a cool, dark place. Of course, the refrigerator is perfect for that. Make sure they are stored airtight at a temperature between 3 and 7 degrees Celsius. The emphasis is on airtight – this is very important. That will prevent any moisture coming into contact with the weed seeds. If that were to happen then germinability would be quickly reduced. Put the weed seeds in a well-sealed zipper bag for example to make sure nothing can get at them. If you have stored your beloved seeds in an airtight, watertight manner in a dark place at the right temperature then they can be kept viable for up to 10 years!

How do I best germinate my seeds?

Germination goes best between humid cottons in a controlled environment. If you germinate in a petri dish with cottons, water and the right temperature, up to 90% of the seeds will germinate. A germination kit is also included with our Private Label seeds! If you prefer to grow another brand of seeds, this handy germination kit can also be purchased separately. Want to know more about germination? We have a complete article about germination of seeds on our website! Check out: Germinating marijuana seeds.

Do I need to place a lamp above my seeds during germination?

No, during germination there is no need for extra light. Providing extra light can even disturb the germination!

What can go wrong during germination?

Most common errors are: temperature too low environment (cottons) too wet used incorrect water.

Which strain has the highest level of THC?

  • Pineapple Chunk Barney’s Farm – 25%
  • Amnesia Haze Royal Queen seeds – 20%
  • Vanilla Kush Barney’s Farm – 22%
  • Blond Russian Huismerk – 22%
  • White Widow Dutch Passion – 19%

Which strain has the highest level of CBD?

In the category Medical Marijuana all strains contain more than 1% CBD. The Compassion of Dutch Passion and the CBD Medihaze of CBD Crew have the highest CBD percentages of 8%.

What is the difference between Sativa and Indica seeds?

Indica strains are plants that grow compactly and with branches close to one other. For Indica strains, the flowering time is shorter and they grow not as tall as the Sativa strains. The Indica strains often have big harvests: short, thick, dark leaves and marijuana with relaxing effects.

Sativa strains often grow taller and have long thin leaves. In general, the marijuana of a Sativa has an energetic effect.

What are autoflower seeds?

Autoflower cannabis plants are plants that automatically flower after 3 weeks. So, you do not need to adapt the light cycle when growing indoors. When growing outdoors, you don’t have to wait till August. You can read more about Autoflower strains here. Also visit our webshop to discover the collection of Autoflower seeds!

What are medicinal marijuana seeds?

Medicinal strains are cannabis strains that also contain CBD. In general, it is assumed that both CBD and THC have a medicinal effect and that both substances influence one another. Our medicinal cannabis strains are located in the category Medicinal seeds.

Which marijuana plant is the smallest?

The autoflower marijuana plants stay smaller than normal marijuana plants. Of the autoflower strains, the Lowryder #2 is the smallest one. Normally (with sufficient sunlight), its height is in between 35 and 50cm. This autoflower is therefore very suitable for smaller gardens and balconies.

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