Zamaldelica x Kali China Feminised Seeds


Zamaldelica x Kali China is one of the best and most complete sativa/indica hybrids ACE Seeds has ever produced. A next generation super hybrid which brings many qualities together in a single plant.

The product of a direct cross between our Zamaldelica elΓ­te mother and our 4th generation Kali China elite. Zamaldelica x Kali China has the super-refined Kali China’s hash plant behaviour: compact, very manageable and very easy to grow plants, both indoors and outdoors, with very little stretching in flowering and a fast flowering time. With a sativa touch that provides increased vigour and excellent branching.

Beautiful flowers of medium size are very dense and resinous, producing a powerful, elegant and refined sativa/indica effect of prime quality, long lasting and without ceiling, with one of the most complex and intense terpene profiles in our catalogue.

Polyhybrid with a complex genetic background, which includes 4 sativas of incredible reputation and quality (Zamal, Malawi, Thai and old Kali Mist) and our exotic China Yunnan indica. Zamaldelica x Kali China is a new zenith in the breeding of our latest hybrids, enhancing our best strains to an even higher level of refinement and quality.


Breeder Ace Seeds
Genetics Zamaldelica elite (F1) x Kali China elite (F4).
Variety Mostly Sativa
Flowering time 56 – 70 days
Flowering type Photoperiod
Sex Feminised
THC content 21%
CBD content 0.06%
Plant height
Medical conditions
Medical properties

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