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Txerri Bilbo Haze Feminised Seeds


Txerri Bilbo Haze is a cross of Strawberry Cough x Super Silver Haze strains. The resulting cross is a strain that maintains the Haze taste and scent, significantly shortening its flowering period and adding a slightly fruity scent to the plant.

For growing indoors it is recommended switching to a 12/12 lighting schedule as soon as possible thereby obtaining a good sized plant and without it becoming excessively tall. Even though a predominantly sativa strain, the flowering period is not too long. It is ready to harvest between 65 and 68 days of flowering, obtaining indoor yields of about 600 gr/m2.

Txerri Bilbo Haze preserves the greatly desired metallic and incense taste from their Haze parents. Its powerful effect is very psychoactive, characteristic of sativa strains stimulating and increasing creativity as well as social interactions. Therefore Txerri Bilbo Haze is ideal either for urban party-times or to enjoy leisure moments in nature.


Breeder Genehtik
Genetics Strawberry Cough x Super Silver Haze
Variety Mostly Sativa
Flowering time 65 – 68 days
Flowering type Photoperiod
Sex Feminised
THC content
CBD content
Plant height
Medical conditions
Medical properties

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