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Swiss Dream CBD Auto Feminised Seeds


Here at Kannabia Seed Company we are committed to producing strains with low THC and high CBD levels. For this reason we are proud to present the new automatic version of our hugely successful Swiss Dream CBD, which has, as you’d expect, almost the same characteristics as its feminised sister.

The THC content will remain firmly below 1%, more precisely around 0,6%, whilst the CBD levels can reach 20%. In the many different analysis we carried out, the CBD/THC ratio was between 28:1 and 35:1. Our experts have worked to reduce the THC content to the specified levels and have achieved a truly innovative variety, from two prominantly Sativa parents but with a clearly Indica effect, due to its incredibly low THC content. Here there is no talk of psychoactive effects, because the effect is one of complete lucidity, but the muscle relaxation this variety gives us is truly intoxicating.

The plant supports stress conditions both inside and outside quite happily, making it a great option for those cultivating for the first time for therapeutic reasons. It is an autoflower of medium size, with a short internodal distance and a need for gentle but constant nutrition. The leaves of this plant are olive green, with highly defined flowers that give off a smell of conifers and red fruit, to contrast with its earthy fruity flavour.


Breeder Kannabia
Genetics Secret genetics
Variety Mostly Sativa
Flowering time 63 – 65 days
Flowering type Autoflowering
Sex Feminised
THC content 0.6%
CBD content 20%
Plant height Indoors: 60 – 90 cm; Outdoors: 90 – 110 cm.
Medical conditions
Medical properties Yes

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