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Sunset Paradise Feminised Seeds


Sunset Paradise is a colourful, indica-dominant, feminised seed strain producing good yields of fat, resinous buds in a short flowering period. This strain is the result of re-working Gelato (Thin Mints GSX x Sunset Sherbet) to provide increased intensity of flavour and extra potency.

Rated as easy-to-medium in terms of cultivation, Sunset Paradise grows to be a short plant with a more open structure than is typically experienced with indicas making it a good choice outdoors in higher latitudes where its morphology allows better light penetration and ripening.. Average height of plants is about 100 cm.

Attractive red and purple colours develop close to maturity. Thick clusters of flowers form very dense buds that become packed with trichomes. Indoors, yields are approx. 450 gr/m2 in a 50 day flowering period. Outdoors, each plant can produce as much as 1000 gr. The strong aroma of citrus, berry and lavender during florescence will require some good air filters when growing indoors.

When dried and cured, the buds’ scent and taste is dominated by lavender with sweet fruity raspberry and orange notes with some piquant Skunk undertones. THC content is high at 18 – 22% and the effect is not suitable for the initiate as the first wave of uplifting euphoria is followed by an intense, heavy physical relaxation that is very long-lasting.


Breeder Paradise Seeds
Genetics Gelato selection (Thin Mints GSC x Sunset Sherbet)
Variety Mostly Indica
Flowering time 50 days
Flowering type Photoperiod
Sex Feminised
THC content 18 – 22%
CBD content <1%
Yield High
Grows Grows Indoors|Grows Outdoors
Plant height 100 – 110 cm.
Medical conditions
Medical properties
Effect Body|Cerebral|Euphoric|Physical|Powerful|Relaxing

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