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Seriosa Feminised Seeds


Seriosa is a feminised seed strain that is the result of crossing an exceptional AK47 with the very best Serious Mimosa. Genetically, Seriosa is roughly 50/50 indica/sativa promising good yields of high-THC buds in a relatively short flowering period.

Two phenotypes typify Seriosa; the more common Mimosa pheno has a more columnar structure with few lower branches. Medium-sized, compact, round buds are grouped opposite each other with the main stem the site of by far the biggest cola. There is a less common AK47 pheno that develops larger buds.

Growers are advised to veg. plants for 3 – 4 weeks before switching to the flowering stage. Indoor plants flower in 50 – 60 days with yields between 350 – 600 gr/m2. More than 50% of plants display lovely lilac and purple colours and, unusually, this is not due to any low temperature stimulation, but rather is a natural feature resulting from the buds’ maturity. Outdoor crops are ready to harvest from mid-September through to early October in the northern hemisphere.

Scent and flavour are on a spectrum from the fruitiness of the Mimosa to the sweet spice of the AK47 with individual plants falling somewhere along the range. THC content is high with almost zero CBD.


Breeder Serious Seeds
Genetics AK47 x Mimosa
Variety Indica / Sativa
Flowering time 50 – 60 days
Flowering type Photoperiod
Sex Feminised
THC content 15 – 20%
CBD content <1%
Yield Medium|High
Grows Grows Indoors|Grows Outdoors
Plant height
Medical conditions
Medical properties

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