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Puff Mints Feminised Seeds – 6


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Puff Mints is an easy to grow, indica-dominant strain bred from Kush Mints F2 (Seed Junky) with Perfect Tree’s own reversed Jet A male. The selected Kush Mints F2 was especially frosted making Puff Mints an extract maker’s dream strain.

Puff MInts is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Indoor flowering times are approximately 8 weeks while plants grown outdoors in northern atitudes will be ready to be harvested at the beginning of October. Yields are good from small to medium-sized plants that have a very stocky structure. There are two main phenos that arise from growing this strain; one dark green and the other dark purple.

The flavour profile is sweet and creamy with heavy fuel notes. The effect is deeply relaxing but well-balanced without any knock-out couch-lock sensations.


Breeder Perfect Tree Seeds
Genetics Kush Mints F2 x Jet A (reversed)
Variety Mostly Indica
Flowering time 56 days
Flowering type Photoperiod
Sex Feminised
THC content
CBD content
Yield Medium|High
Grows Grows Indoors|Grows Outdoors
Plant height
Medical conditions
Medical properties
Effect Balanced|Body|Relaxing

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