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Karel’s Cookies Regular Seeds


Karel’s Cookies Regular is a 50/50 indica/sativa hybrid that was bred by crossing Karel’s Haze with the famous Girl Scout Cookies. This is a highly potent strain with very high yield potential and excellent resin production.

Indoors, flowering takes 9 – 10 weeks with plants reaching a height of about 150 cm. tall. Growers are recommended to maintain relatively stable conditions in the growing environment with humidity of 70% during vegetative growth, falling to 50% in flower. The ideal temeprature range is between 25 – 28° C. Growth is a little reticent in the first two weeks but things pick up thereafter with short-spaced internodes resulting in thick, bushy plants full of buds. High Pressure Sodium, LED and UV-B lights can take THC values up to 25%. Buds display some nice purple shades.

Both scent and flavour are bit fuel-like with sweet candy, fresh-tasting, a bit of mint and hints of anise (aniseed). The effect is relaxing, stoned and rather sedating.


Breeder Super Sativa Seed Club
Genetics Karel’s Haze x Girl Scout Cookies
Variety Indica / Sativa
Flowering time 63 – 70 days
Flowering type Photoperiod
Sex Regular
THC content 25%
CBD content
Yield High
Grows Grows Indoors|Grows Outdoors
Plant height Indoors: 150 cm.
Medical conditions
Medical properties
Effect Body|Physical|Powerful|Relaxing|Stoned

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