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Holy Grail Regular Seeds – 18


Sold out!

Holy Grail is a genetic combination of Neville’s Haze and other Haze strains. Growers will need a degree of patience as growing out these seeds is no quick fix. Expect high to very high levels of THC, large to very large harvests and a superb terpene profile.

Flowering takes an average of 14 weeks with the typical range being 12 – 16 weeks, and some plants can even take even longer than that! Both the size and length of flowering period make this much more suitable for outdoor cultivation needing good weather stretching into the autumn. Cuttings will be both faster and somewhat easier to manage.

THC levels are between 18 – 24% with low CBD. Yields are in the region of 750 – 850 gr/m2 with good outdoor specimens able to produce as much as 1000 gr. each. Like ageing a fine wine good curing will bring the best results.


Breeder Mr Nice Seedbank
Genetics (Neville’s Haze x Haze AC) x Haze C
Variety Sativa
Flowering time 84 – 112 days
Flowering type Photoperiod
Sex Regular
THC content 18 – 24%
CBD content <1%
Plant height
Medical conditions
Medical properties

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