ErdPurt x PCK Feminised Seeds (Limited Edition) – 5


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ErdPurt x PCK is an incredibly beautiful and ornamental 100 % indica F1 hybrid from a cross of classic hash plants from Pakistan and Afghanistan, especially bred for outdoor growing in damp and cold climates of northern latitudes. ErdPurt x PCK has excellent resistance against mould, pests, rain, frosts and wind, ripening where other indica strains rot easily. It also works perfectly indoors and in warm and arid climates.

The Afghan ErdPurt provides its strong and heavy bearing, a very early flowering onset outdoors, compact flowers and the potential to find individuals with high CBD content and with a beautiful pinkish pigmentation in the pistils. Pakistan Chitral Kush also contributes with its intense and characteristic reddish and purple pigmentation, providing a more branched and open desirable structure, which allows a better ventilation and light penetration throughout the plant.

Both strains complement each other in this very special hash plant by producing large amounts of resins and offering appealing earthy, hashy, chewing gum, blackberry, strawberry and grape terpenes.

Feminised limited edition, available while stocks last.


Breeder Ace Seeds
Genetics Afghani ErdPurt x Pakistan Chitral Kush elite 2002.
Variety Indica
Flowering time 49 – 56 weeks
Flowering type Photoperiod
Sex Feminised
THC content 8 – 12%
CBD content 0 – 7% depending on pheno-type
Plant height
Medical conditions
Medical properties Yes

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