Cookies Krush Feminised Seeds


Cookies Krush is a pure indica strain, a Dutch/Californian mix.

Slow in the vegetative growth-phase, building round solid flowers with unbelievable speed which makes it possible to harvest in mid-September. Indoor she finishes blooming in 55 days. If maximum temperature does not exceed 22 degrees, she will be even faster. The delicious aroma and taste of Cookies is sweet and earthy. But itโ€™s the strainโ€™s high THC content that is the real โ€œdessert.โ€ It is a connoisseurโ€™s dream, a perfect choice as โ€œafter dinner strainsโ€ that you can enjoy. Cookies Krush maintains a fantastic flavour where she tickles your taste buds with the trademark Cookies aroma with a slight touch of mint.


Breeder Super Strains
Variety Indica
Flowering time 55 days
Flowering type Photoperiod
Sex Feminised
THC content 21%
CBD content 2%
Plant height Outdoors: 180 cm.
Medical conditions
Medical properties

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