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Cheese In-House Genetics – Clones


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Cheese is a feminised cannabis seed that was an overnight success in the UK when she was first launched and, little by little, she’s gained the confidence of people worldwide thanks to her unique traits but, more specifically, thanks to her cheesy taste and aroma.Nowadays, she’s a real cannabis strain known by all as well as one of the bestsellers of all Dutch coffee shops, loved by cannabis tourists.The breeders crossed  two genetics with breathtaking pedigrees: an Old Skunk #1 with very special flavours and aromas, and an Afghani #1.

The result is an 60% Indica hybrid, with a Sativa 40% and a top-notch strain with many of the original traits that triumphs everywhere and that everyone identifies as an old-school classic.

  • 2nd prize –Grow category- at the 2017 Copa CABA organised by the Argentinian Haze magazine.

Cheese produces a very pleasant effect, both potent but balanced, that starts with a nice cerebral stimulation and ends up with a physically relaxing sensation.

With rather respectable THC level of between 9 % and 14 %, Cheese makes a great choice for those who want to unwind for a while. You won’t be able to forget her!

THC: 9-14%

CBD: medium

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