Free Cannabis Seeds 🥳

If it is your first time buying cannabis seeds, well.. you don’t have to buy them, you can get them for free! We have partnered up with amazing local cannabis seed breeders who have spent years selectively breeding their cannabis strains which exhibit their preferred phenotypes in the plant. They have graciously donated seeds to help grow the South African cannabis growing community.

Free Cannabis Seeds

What’s the catch?

The seeds are totally free, but we have to package them up and get them to you. It’s R120 for packaging and shipping, delivered to your door.

In return for you getting seeds at no cost, the breeders ask that you provide feedback on the progress of your grow. It is not compulsory however would be greatly appreciated – We will talk about why breeders are giving free seeds away further in the article and how you can help them. We would suggest documenting your grow on It is a great community to get advice and to hone your growing skills.

Awesome, how do I get the offer?

Add this product to your cart and use the coupon “freeseeds” at checkout.

Limited to one customer and no other products will be allowed when using this coupon

What kind of seeds are they?

It all depends on what we have been gifted to giveaway. Sometimes they will be regular seeds, sometimes feminised seeds, or maybe autoflowing seeds.

The seeds will be clearly marked with the breeder, strain name and flowering type so you will know what you are growing and from which breeder.

How many seeds will I get?

5 seeds in total, 6 if you are lucky 🙂

Are the seeds good quality?

We only stock reputable breeders so the seeds should be good, we are not in control of the breeding and pheno selection so we can’t make any promises. All the breeders are available on Instagram so do a search and reach out to them if you have any questions.

COUPON: freeseeds

Limited to one customer and no other products will be allowed when using this coupon

Why are breeders giving away free seeds?

There are two main parts, first is to give back to and help grow the SA cannabis community. The second being that breeding great cannabis genetics takes a lot of space, time and hard work. To help the breeders, they are willing to give away their genetics in hopes of getting some feedback on how the plants grow, smell, taste, yeild, etc.. This will help them better select genetics for future seeds.


The offering will be limited per customer to a one-time-only offer, so if you have placed a “free seed order”, you can’t get another.