Beginner’s cannabis grow tips to help you get started

Ultimately the best way to learn how to grow weed is… to just start growing it. You can spend countless hours researching hydro systems, nutrients, HPS vs CFL vs LED lights, spend big bucks on your “perfect grow room” and still fail dismally.

With every grow, you will improve or at minimum, learn something in negative cases which will ultimately help your future grows. We advise to start small (two to three plants) and work your way up, pick a good nutrient and mineral rich soil that will naturally buffer pH, feed your hungry plants all the way through their life cycle. Focus on proven preventative measures like need oil, which also benefits your plants.

We are not going to re-invent the wheel and rewrite the great content available on the web, however what we will do is give you our curated list of trusted cannabis grow resources below:

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Growing Exposed Growing Tips

Growing Exposed is a new video series produced by Jeremy Deichen. Coined “the MTV Cribs of the marijuana industry” the show is led by host Amanda Mackay. Growing Exposed has found a unique way to open up the once underground world, revealing the secrets of industry leaders. In addition to garden tours, David Robinson, author of The Grower’s Handbook lends his expertise in a segment entitled Teachings of The Garden Sage. David has dedicated his life to dispelling the myths behind cannabis while educating people on how plants grow.

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Jorge Cervantes

High Definition Cannabis Videos from the Ganja Guru himself Jorge Cervantes!

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Chef Derek Butt

NATURES PHARMACY is the new healthcare model. I am a health conscious chef exploring the power of medicinal herb and the most effective ways to prepare and consume Herbal Medications. I bake cookies too. I also write my own music and produce educational videos that are entertaining. I am also the author of a few good books that you should read.

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Education With The Grow Boss

Everything you need to know to grow great cannabis with The Grow Boss.