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Cannabist is the best source to order feminised cannabis seeds online in South Africa. With a 99% chance of germinating a female plant, feminised seeds are a great choice for new and experience growers. There are lots of feminised seeds to choose from so we are sure you will find something you’d love to grow, and we are always a email away to help with finding the right one.

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High THC Feminised Cannabis Seeds

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Order feminised cannabis seeds our customers love, from our selection of top selling female seeds. With thousands of orders placed, you can have peace of mind that you are getting tried and tested genetics and a 99.8% female to 0.2% male seed ratio.

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What are feminised marijuana seeds?

Feminised marijuana seeds are seeds that have been bred in a special way to be 99% female. Despite what you may have read, there is no way to tell if a cannabis seed is a female seed or a male seed. If there was, cannabis seed breeders wouldn’t go though a special process to create female seeds. Don’t worry, feminised seeds do not contain any funny chemicals or bad things, they have just been created from two female cannabis plants.

Why do most people want to grow weed from feminised seeds?

The female cannabis plant is the one that produces flowers, commonly known as bud or weed. Cannabis flowers contain the most scent, flavour and THC/CBD, and it’s the flowers that people smoke, eat or press for cannabis oil. You can smoke the male plant’s leaves, however the taste and smell will be nothing like the female bud and not as near as strong effects.

If you don’t start off with feminised cannabis seeds, you will have to wait until you plants start to flower before you can tell if its a male with pollen sacks or a female with pistols (pollen receptors). This can take anywhere from 4 weeks if growing indoors and controlling the light cycle, to 6 months if growing outdoors under natural sunlight and season dependant.

If you are looking to breed cannabis, you should check out out regular seeds where you can pick up a great regular breeders pack.

How are feminised cannabis seeds made?

By tricking a female cannabis plant into thinking it’s a male, the female plant will produce pollen. The pollen is then used to pollenate another female plant which will start producing seeds that are only female.

The seeds produced won’t contain anything unnatural or harmful, they just will not have the “Y” male chromosome but instead have two “X” female chromosomes. There are a few ways breeders do this, the two most common methods are by using STS or Colloidal Silver.

If you would like to know more about feminised cannabis seeds, Royal Queen Seeds have a great article.